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Unzip a pear today!
Top ten tips for healthy eating
A well-balanced diet is the most important requirement for healthy living and healthy teeth and gums.

To help you understand what's good for you and what's not here are our 'top ten' helpful tips.

Drink plenty of still water or iso tonic drinks but not fizzy drinks or sugary juices as they are acidic and cause tooth erosion. Milk shakes and fruit 'smoothies' are a great alternative to carbonated drinks.

Try and cut down on the amount of starchy, sugary foods that you eat. These increase the amount of plaque produced in the mouth which in turn decays teeth. Be aware that sweets and refined sugar are the worst culprits as they're so readily digested by oral bacteria – ice cream is a delicious alternative.

Why not give cereal bars and 'Nutri Grains' a try as they are lower in sugar and can be really satisfying.

Eat plenty of oranges and grapefruits for the Vitamin C which promotes healthy teeth and gums and aids the absorption of iron. Interestingly chewable Vitamin C can cause enamel loss from teeth.

Eggs are great for maintaining healthy teeth because they don't just contain beta carotene but also zinc, iron and Vitamin A.

Soya milk, yogurts and cheeses, soya beans and soya flour all help preserve calcium in the body which helps maintain strong bones. Making a soya milkshake with strawberries is a perfect drink for healthy teeth. Another great way to boost your calcium intake is to eat salmon, prawns or even sardines!

Oily fish is also important in your diet because it contains Vitamin D which helps our bones and teeth absorb calcium. Without Vitamin D you only absorb 10% of your calcium intake, oily fish increases the absorption to 90%.

Broccoli is amongst the healthiest food in existence. It fights bone loss, boosts the immune system and contains more calcium than any other vegetable.

Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, iodine and pectin are not just delicious but also kind on your teeth as they are less acidic.

Go bananas! Have a banana rather than a handful of sweets and always aim to eat five pieces of fruit or vegetable a day.


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